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Sierra Leone, Nigeria, South Africa, Bangladesh, Kenya, Ghana, Botswana
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Government of Botswana
The Government of Botswana is the official governing body of the Republic of Botswana.  The Government of Botswana is a consortium partner of the What Works Hub for Global Education. ... Read more


Youth Impact
Youth Impact is a grassroots, youth-led, evidence-based movement based in Botswana. They identify, adapt, and scale up health and education programs proven to work, by young people for young people.  Youth Impact is the consortium partner of the Wh... Read more


Moitshepi Matsheng
Moitshepi Matsheng is the co-founder and Managing Director of Youth Impact – an NGO based in Botswana committed to bridging the gap between evidence in health and education and translation into scaled policy and practice. Moitshepi leads talent and... Read more


Claire Cullen
Claire Cullen is the Head of Research and Innovation at Youth Impact, a youth and evidence-focused NGO headquartered in Botswana. She was previously a Researcher in Development Economics and Evidence-based Practice at Oxford University, and an econom... Read more


Amanda Beatty
Amanda Beatty has worked on research related to social protection and human development in low- and middle-income countries, particularly in Africa and Asia, for the last 20 years. She recently joined Youth Impact, where she works on expanding Youth ... Read more

Evidence & Resource

Implementation matters: Generalising treatment effects in education
Botswana, Implementation science, Randomised trial, Academics
Targeted instruction (that is, teaching to the level of a child's understanding, rather than the prescribed level for their age) is one of the most effective educational interventions in low- and middle-income countries, yet reported impacts vary by ... Read more

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Our work will directly affect up to 3 million children, and reach up to 17 million more through its influence.

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