What we do

Our ultimate goal is literacy, numeracy and other key skills for all children. We aim to ensure that evidence on what improves learning travels from research studies, into government policy, through to large-scale implementation of reforms, and right back into the classroom in the form of day-to-day policy implementation by individual schools and teachers. If this can be achieved, millions of children will have better outcomes.

The three pillars of the What Works Hub for Global Education

Evidence translation

We are making the best existing evidence clear and available to governments and other implementers so they can use it effectively, through synthesising, curating and translating evidence on improving foundational learning.

Evidence use

We are supporting evidence generation and use by governments for policy design and implementation in a range of ways, including evidence labs embedded within governments, networks, and support for individuals and institutions to gather and use evidence​.

Implementation science

By working alongside governments as they put in place reforms, we will generate evidence about the ingredients of successful implementation. This effort will catalyse a new focus on implementation science within education, concurrently having real-world impact.

Where we work

We work in four primary countries, India, Pakistan, Rwanda and Tanzania, with further work in Bangladesh, Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Sierra Leone and South Africa. Explore what we do in our four focus countries:




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As ministers gather for the Education World Forum, we launch the What Works Hub for Global Education website and social media channels.

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Who we are

A group of strategic partners, consortium partners, researchers, policymakers, practitioners and professionals working together.

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