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Palladium is a global impact firm, working to link social progress and commercial growth. For nearly 60 years, we’ve been helping our clients to see the world as interconnected – by formulating strategies, building partnerships, mobilising capital, and implementing programs that have a lasting social and financial impact. We simply call this “Positive Impact”. We work with corporation, government, investors, communities, and civil society. With a global network operating in over 90 countries, Palladium is in the business of making the world a better place.   

Palladium is responsible for the setup of the What Works Hub for Global Education  programme (project management function, operations, and Monitoring, Evaluation, Research and Learning) in compliance with FCDO Terms and Conditions. This includes establishing What Works Hub for Global Education systems for financial forecasting, procurement, resourcing, ensuring delivery against milestones, managing risk, and compliance; setting up Monitoring & Evaluation strategy, tools and deliverables such as the Theory of Change and the logframe. 

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Our work will directly affect up to 3 million children, and reach up to 17 million more through its influence.

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A group of strategic partners, consortium partners, researchers, policymakers, practitioners and professionals working together.

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Share our goal of literacy, numeracy and other key skills for all children? Follow us, work with us or join us at an event.