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Annette Fisher

Annette Fisher

Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Consultant (Palladium)

Annette Fisher is a Social Accountability Practitioner & Researcher with an academic background in social change, governance and conflict studies, and proven professional experience in designing and leading complex accountability programmes in challenging environments.

Annette has over 15 years of experience in the fields of voice & accountability, participatory action research and human rights, delivering projects in over 25 countries.

Until recently, Annette held the role of Technical Manager of the A++ DFID-funded Empowerment, Voice & Accountability Project in Pakistan and was based full-time in Islamabad for four years.

Annette has experience working with and supporting national and sub-national governments in a range of countries to deliver more responsive services to citizens. She has also designed and implemented interventions to strengthen accountability systems and participatory community-based mechanisms for monitoring service delivery. Annette was the Acting Team Leader on the DFID-funded Institutions for Inclusive Development project in Tanzania and Interim Team Leader on the DFID-funded Ikiraro project in Rwanda, both of which apply the Problem Driven Iterative Adaptation approach. Annette works with a range of clients including Palladium, IDS, COWI, UNICEF, SDD, Coffey, ITAD, OPM, DAI, Konung International and The Curious Company. Annette is also an associate consultant of Empatika.

Annette specialises in delivering work on projects which can be described as politically smart, locally led and adaptive.


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