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UNICEF Innocenti

UNICEF Innocenti – Global Office of Research and Foresight uses data, evidence and foresight to identify solutions that can prepare children and young people to make the most of their futures. Through research and foresight analysis they ask: What can be done to make learning and skills training more equitable for children and young people? How do you effectively address the learning crisis through improving education systems and innovating to improve outcomes?  UNICEF Innocenti builds implementation science into education systems and programmes to identify what works, how they work, and how to effectively scale high-impact programmes and policies to improve children’s learning levels with a particular focus on girls, children with disabilities and marginalised children.

Their research focusses on three areas:

  • What works at school level
  • What works at policy level; and
  • How to scale up solutions.

As UNICEF Innocenti provides data and evidence and interpret emerging shifts, their goal is always to protect every child’s right to learn and make the most of their futures.

UNICEF Innocenti’s engagement with the What Works Hub for Global Education is focused on three distinct but complementary goals:

  • Strengthening coordination and engagement on evidence in education with global, regional and local partnerships.
  • Providing coherent and systematic implementation science for education support in What Works Hub for Global Education countries, leveraging UNICEF’s local capacity and strong relationships with Ministries of Education and national partners.
  • Synthesising evidence for global public goods related to cross-country evidence and lessons on education programmes. Drawing from UNICEF’s global reach and network of education experts.

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