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Natasha Ahuja

Natasha Ahuja

Research Manager

Natasha Ahuja is the Research Manager at the What Works Hub for Global Education’s central team based in Oxford and is dedicated to increasing the use of data and evidence to shape policy.

She joined the Hub in March 2024 to work with Noam Angrist, the Hub’s Academic Director, for the second time. Their initial collaboration was on generating some of the first evidence on the effectiveness of distance education programs during the Covid-19 pandemic (Nature Human Behaviour) and the replications that followed. During that stint she also worked alongside organisations that are now partners of the Hub, such as Rocket Learning and Youth Impact. She now hopes to apply her five years of research and research-related work experience towards helping bridge the gap between evidence on ‘what works’ in education and its translation into scaled intervention and policy.

Prior to her current role, Natasha was at Our World in Data working directly with its founder and director Max Roser. She has also worked as a research analyst at the Global Poverty Research Lab at Northwestern University.

Natasha has a Master of Public Policy from Georgetown University and a BA (H) from Lady Shri Ram College at the University of Delhi. She grew up in India.


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